Pixel perfect design

Lego is to blame for my perfectionistic ways. It was wrong to build in a hodgepodge fashion. Bricks had to be symmetrical in colour and shape for all I built, a car, truck, tank, dolls house (for sister), and so this trait persists.

Does exactly what…

I refuse to use run-of-the-mill terms like “design solutions”, I hate the word “solutions”, so I’m going to be different and say that whatever I do, is done right and with complete integrity.

Over 15 years in the field

Not literally a field. One’s own mind has been open for over 10 years now and prior to that it got some good airing at a few companies in the design field.

Award winning designer

I have a school swimming certificate and I won a conker fight once. The MoD team also came last in a charity golf tournament and got a trophy for it from Tony Hadley.